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[ Player Guide ] Tobei's Official Tier List (6/8/2019) The Return of the Tier List


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Tier list has officially updated.

Considering I can't post here due to a technicality with the forums (*s, I know), I've decided to completely out my doc file for it.

Naruto-Online Tier List

Hope Y'all enjoy the update!

Keep Comments here.

Patch: 6/8/2019

General Tier List >

Completely Updated/Revamp

As always, it's subjective to my view. Feel free to argue as you wish.

New Ninjas!


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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
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It's individual based.

The table graph shows each ninjas as their element, not what Main they work best with.
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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted
Root and Poison are both standalone (Jokes) considering they're really strong passives in the game right now.

But yes, SN-Sasuke with Root is pretty amazing.


Thank you!
I love myself some tier lists and Fire Emblems was definitely an inspiration as well.

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  • Garv On 2017-04-24 02:39:46
  • to be honest i don't see why 2nd hokage is better than Chojuro or Tenten GNW for water team (except that you have to pay billions to get him). Ok its mystery could even be op with water but whatever you do you can't use both his mystery and mei mystery on round 2 and on round 1 you are TOTALLY out of options with the basic team suggested.
    BTW I've met in spacetime the suggested team with tsunade 5th hokage and i totally owned it with mei mabui tenten gnw by having 4k less power than the enemy (naruto 6 tails is pretty useless without ninjutsu boosts BD/Gaara/Bee gives, he can heal as much as he wants but he will regardless die without landing on the enemy enough damage against the meta team). Nope guys, for water these suggestions don't work at all.
It's not based on Water Teams, it's individual skillset.

Chojuro requires Water Ninjas/Mei/Swordman to be truly effective and GNW Tenten needs Mei/Mabui

Tobirama can benefit in a lot of teams just due to his mystery and Taijutsu buff.
Remember, it's individual measurement, not "Which Ninjas work best with" etc.
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  • Garv On 2017-04-24 20:39:26
  • for usefulness, i don't see it much better than GNW tenten to be honest. 15% more critical is comparable with 30% more taijutsu. tenten chases are a lot better than tobirama's one and also the mysteries are comparable (yes tobirama mystery is stronger but tenten mystery can be used on round 1 that makes it way better). This post was last edited by 988***@uf16 at 2017-4-24 20:54
Tenten requires specific teammates to be used at maximum potential
If this tier list was specifically for PvP, she'll be higher than Tobirama for sure, but this is overall.
Which Tobirama excels in.

While I'm more into making Tobirama to S instead of S+.


Ningendo's kit is actually really strong. However, he has low growth rates and he's pretty squishy
He's practically a chase bot with CC. Which implies his usage is extremely limited.
Compared to Gekido or Jigokudo who can see action in verality of teams due to the strength of their kits.
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  • S177Athrun On 2017-04-25 14:58:08
  • Chojuro and GNW Tenten can not compare to Tobirama.
    Tobirama is on another level of it's own and easily S+ by your ninja categorizations tier list.
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Which is why there was a committee, I fully understand Tobirama's capability, which we all agreed should be S and beyond. Achroma and Waka highly suggested as S+ due to his sheer power and utility. Which I respected.
I'm more PvP centered and Tobirama wouldn't be S+ on that list, He'll struggle to be S imo,
However with that being said. He's staying S+, you've made some excellent points which are backed. And I can fully respect that. And I would totally use my master ball to catch him if I could! : D


Hiruzen was pretty hard to personally rate. I've felt his onslaught and I've also dealt with his linear kit.
Has a great Res AoE buff, great damaging mystery and a nit gimmick with Enma summoning that has taunt.
However, he relies on OTK teams that have initiative+Buffs, which would make him the perfect partner for Iruka+Danzo as you've suggested(Had to face my fair share). Now being S+ with Iruka, on the other hand, is Konoha universal, he's arguably the best support unit in the game, which a lot of units relies on him. Not vise versa. Oh and his non-chase hurts alot.

Now on the Hidan comment, I don't necessarily disagree.
He's heavily reliant on tags and certain lineups and I for one would bump him down. (Which will probably be the case when I update the list)
But his damage is heavy and it's one not to be taken lightly. Regardless, you're not wrong

Kyuubi Naruto(4-Tails/6Tails) hits alot harder than Sage Naruto.

Thank you for the wonderful insight guys. Love having these discussions.

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  • Slavation On 2017-05-02 00:44:00
  • Hello good sir, I have to ask you do you have a jonin medal?

> Tier has been updated.
> Nagato has been ranked.
> Edo Treasure Ninjas has been added to Unranked
> Adjustments were made.
> Patch Notes will be included in the next patch.
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  • SoulvG On 2017-05-02 02:38:22

    Seems really similar to something I made post kage - At least credit me next time, thanks.
Tier lists are universal.
It's not an original idea. Anybody is free to express their own tier list.

Just the presentation is different, That's what makes it unique from others.
Now if I directly took your style, then you have absolute right, However, this is a table graph displaying elemental style - tier
Completely different from what you've linked.

Anyway, thank you for your opinion


I'll add basic counter teams as a suggestive spot.
However, I can't go in depth as to why they are. The player will have to find out themselves
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  • SenjuMusashi On 2017-05-03 17:21:12
  • I will admit I was wrong after seeing the last matches in Space Time. Sakura and Tsunade deserve to be in their respective tiers.
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  • Will Of Fire On 2017-05-06 15:13:07
  • hmm minato is way better than sage naruto
    and nagato too
I'm curious, what makes you think that?
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Edo Tensei Haku release, Updated list.

> Haku added to Unranked
> Gengetsu added to Tier
> Rasa added to Tier
> Mu added to Tier
> Ginkaku added to Tier
> Kinkaku added to Tier
> Hinata added to Tier
> Temari added to Tier
> Hinata moved up to Tier
> Kabuto added to Tier
> Hidan moved down to Tier
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  • SenjuMusashi On 2017-05-08 18:47:41
  • One small inconsistency.
    In the table you have Hidan in S tier.
    In the descriptions below, you have him in the S+ tier.
    I won't say in which one he should be, however please fix the info in the table or the description section so they would match so people won't get confused. ;P

Forgot to remove it : P
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  • God Cess On 2017-05-09 06:46:00
  • Edo haku is first S God, She is the best no one can tell me otherwise
I can tell you otherwise.
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  • Dosu On 2017-05-09 09:55:52
  • Just out of curiosity, what was your reason for placing GNW Temari in the A+ Tier and Mu to the S Tier? I don't know enough about those two to make a judgement call myself...
Temari's mystery isn't a combo starter, so positional initiative with her is not something you're willing to risk. If it were, she'll easily be S/S+.
Also, her mystery has a huge flaw "Cancel all debuffs"
Which is the problem, she can't really be at position 1, she's more of a backside character that can remove buffs from characters. However, if a combo has already started with your initiative character, and you say "Immobilize" a target, you lose that by casting Temari's mystery.

Mu, on the other hand, has a pretty good kit.
A mystery that deals a large amount of elemental damage, one of the tankiest clones in the game and has a revival passive.
Not to mention his standard is pure ninjutsu, making his negative growth the obvious Attack stat. (It's a good thing)

Think Sage Naruto, except for Earth. But since he's not konoha, he can't benefit like Sage can.
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  • Will Of Fire On 2017-05-09 14:04:04
  • Man I have sage naruto and I know what he has to offer
    he can only dish damage nothing else maybe a little defense with his clone .Nagato is way better because he has a chance to cause chaos in his standard atattack and his mystery almost does equal or maybe a little less damage than sage naruto he cause ignition absorbs 40 chakra which is more than sage naruto and remove buffs and shields of an enemy too. Now talking about minatoo resistance buff is there then his mystery is awesome with a neck a lot of damage and a chance to cause tag to the whole opponent team and then his standard attack can cause 10 combos and tag has that high evasion rate and that tag before each action according to me sage naruto is incomparable to minato
Nagato is strictly a support centered based character.
He's not inherently better than Sage Naruto.

Yes, he does provide utility to his team under certain conditions. However, he has flaws that stand out, ranging from his mystery not being prompt (If it were, he'll be S+)

Minato pro's are indeed great. However, his single target (untagged) mystery is weak. Non-chase, etc.
He's a glimmer character that frankly shines in Ranked. However, in PvP situations, there are characters that provide what he does and better. He's only S due to his camp buff and AI interaction (Mystery tends to go on tagged opponents)

But I respect your opinion and thank you for providing it.
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  • Will Of Fire On 2017-05-10 00:16:29
  • you told nagato will be S+ then why is he kept at S and i think S+ is where sage naruto is kept so move it up if you think he deserves S+
Re-read what I said about Nagato and focus on the second part.
It answers your "why"


Inside jokes are a dangerous thing
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  • Nightowlgamer On 2017-05-10 09:55:57
  • I was wondering why Guy(A+) is ranked much lower than Iruka(S+)? They both are very similar, with both having an interrupt with a CD of 3 (though Guy can cause ignition), both give dmg buffs and defensive buffs (shield vs health regen). Difference being that Iruka's shield is one-time, while Guy's heal is permanent. Moreover, Guy can easily be farmed while Iruka can't, and Guy's bonus is for all ninjas, not just Konoha.
They're similar yet extremely different.

Guy can't plug into teams the way Iruka can.
Guy provides Taijutsu enhancements while providing a leech effect. However his growth stats are not above average, also he has one of the most awkward chases in the game. (High Float to Low)
Iruka, on the other hand, provides an uncanny buff (Taijutsu/Ninjutsu) on top of a large shield. His growths are the best in the game as well. You can plug in Iruka on any Konoha centered team and be successful, not the same applies for Guy.

Also, he's a crit machine.
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  • On 2017-05-10 19:18:26
  • what exactly makes kimimaro so good for lightning and what are good teams with him?
    I have him but I can't find a good team with him and he seems to be pretty underwhelming in battle. This post was last edited by ryu*** at 2017-5-10 19:20

He's a great bruiser/tank. Has the best passive when it comes to front liners, being a scaling defense/res. On top of that, he has a dodge passive. He can fit into a lot of teams that requires a position 2 or wing tank. However, his issues have been that his mystery cost is 60. Which is a huge bummer, but understandable or else his kit would be amazing.

Remember that this is an elemental tier chart. Not what main it works best with.
You can plug in Kimimaro with Water/Lightning. (Poison-Root of Warrior)

Juugo - Sasuke - Kimimaro- Lightning Main
Sailor - Kimimaro - Shizune - Water Main

Would be some basic ones.
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  • Dosu On 2017-05-11 10:24:43
  • I just noticed something.

    In the changelog, you said that Ginkaku is S Tier and Kinkaku is A+ Tier. Yet on the actual table, Ginkaku is on A+ and Kinkaku is on S.

    So who goes where?
Opps. Shall fix right away.
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