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[ Player Guide ] Tobei's Official Tier List (6/8/2019) The Return of the Tier List


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Uhm... i don't like too much some of your choices. Cursed Hidan works far better imo with MB than with SB. Heal on both myst and autos and debuff immunity. Also WB asuma is one of the most common ninja with MB (with iruka and mifune/darui) in the lightning armor blitz team.
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  • Naked Snake On 2017-12-21 09:49:40
  • Tobei! I need to know! What makes Zetsu meme material?

His kit is a joke. Unlike roshi, his poison chase does almost no damage (besides the DoT). His white zetsu are really weak and could be easily dispatched. Even after using his mystery, the copies aren't worth the time invested. He is just a worse version of Yagura, since at least he has an acupuncture in his chase.

He could be a fun ninja in arena, since his white zetsu are tankish and you can copypaste enemies... but outside he is as usefull as konohamaru. The 1 star version.

P.S. Obviously, if you have 50k more power than your enemy, even konohamaru could oneshot a itachi Susanoo.

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  • Tobei On 2018-02-03 07:50:41
  • Patch 2/2/18: Fall of a God and the Red Hot Habanero!

    > Roshi [God to S+]

    > Sasori [Edo Tensei] [S to S+]

    > Itachi [Anbu] [Unranked to S]

    > Kushina [Red Hot Habanero] [Added to S]

    > Tobirama [S to A+]

Don't you think that kushina is a bit too high in your chart?

I can understand her normal version as A+ for her power in arena (clones are really durable, she is immune to debuffs, immobile on chase, can cleanse a friendly unit or interrupt an enemy).

But the Red Hot Habanero version of Kushina is just... bad. And i tell you as a 170k power who won easily against a 200k power using her. So not your common f2p or p2p.

She is paper in front line, both in normal play and in arena. She can't chase herself, so you need to build around her. Basically, her only pros are heal + immunity and that her chase cause selfdamage, basically halving her mystery cd. Also in our meta there are just 3 ninjas with immunity (roshi, naruto, itachi),

Now i understand that OG need to sell her, so this tier list isn't that partial but i could understand if she was ranked as A and brought up to A+ whenever we will enter in the flower guard meta with angel konan or swimsuit temari... not straight to S.

Also about Tobi, why was he declassed to A+ when hashirama is S+? I don't really know the reason why OG never sold a skillbook for his 30% atk passive (and there is always Hashirama's ninja god skillbook), but considering how strong a 30% extra atk that can't be dispelled, isn't he worth at least his old place on S?

Much love from S164

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  • Tobei On 2018-02-05 08:23:42
  • She's far from paper, her very well growths keep her steady, additionally, she has a great self-sustain kit which is technically stronger than Roshi's.

    (2x on top of it)

    She's an Anti-meta character that was released before the meta was technically introduced, she's not an "all-purpose" ninja. Far from it.

    However, she's also not meant to be a position 1 ninja either.

    She's a S+ ninja for PvP alone, the reason why she's S is simply because of everything else. Which she's weak to.

    As for Tobirama, It was more of a reactionary bump, he's still S.

    I'll fix it soon! Thank you for the reminder

That's the problem. She is an anti-meta... for a meta we don't have yet.

If thursday OG would release Edo Fu, basically the counter for every SB Ay's team, she will be useless, since the best she can do would be to slow down the madara-itachi-shisui team at best. Would you consider her a S+ ninja since start anyway?

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