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[ Events ] Ultimate Ninja Training Levels?


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How many levels are in each kage training including the limit training? And also is there a way to tell what lvl you are currently on?
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I don't know how many levels, you are on the last set when the enemy level hits 91, there is probably between 10-20 fights per enemy level. You will get more than enough coins/tokens to complete the ultimate fights before you finish completing the third challenge type. You will earn a ton of coins, rainbow matagamas, charms for gear, and 76 tendo frags for completing the event.
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sadly after u finish tht pve not useful anymore, wi* resetable like exam :L
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The ultimate ends at I think 51500 or so
If you finish all trials, you would have 5 extra coins (or at least I did) for unlock
So that gives you an estimate of how many there are... I guess....
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  • Utsuwari On 2017-04-21 11:12:29
  • sadly after u finish tht pve not useful anymore, wi* resetable like exam :L
Haha yeah and make the rewards resets too for unli Tendo frags? ;P
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There are 325 trials per kage. Number of speed trials you skip is based on your initiative; number of survival and force trial skipped is based on your power. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell how many you skipped other than doing math.

Initiative trial end at 6480 initiative; it increase by 20 initiative recommanded per trial.
Survival and Force end at 52100 power, in increase by 150 power recommanded per trial.

Limit trial end at 51500 power; it increase by 500 recommanded power per trial.
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