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[ Bugs ] Speed trial not waived


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So it seems that strength and survival trial, you can get a by on the early levels if you beat the initial fight (which is very nice btw)
This is reflected by the fact that the first fight node is 51500 and there is a LOT of stuff in the ac*ulated reward list.
Not so with speed trial, relative little ac*ulated reward at start (thou there is some) and much much weaker opponent.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug thou, because the enemy ARE faster than me, even if I'm many times their power, and seeing as it's speed trial....

Still, it's a ridiculously easy boring grind. Probably by the time you guys process this report, I'd be past it anyway so it won't help me any, but if it is indeed an oversight, at least others wont have to grind it (if there are any left who haven't)
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Unfortunately (or fortunately ) it's not a bug.
I can confirm to you it's intentional.

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same;takes forever the speed one;The rest were done in a relatively good time
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Tell me about it. My opponent is still only level 85. It's taking forever, while the other 2 Kages are already done with the initial waive.
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done and dusted, but it was so boring.
for my luck i had GNW Tenten and she would 1 shot the entire enemy team on round onem but even though it took some hours to farm it all
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