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[ Updates ] Charm System Introduction


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  • Eplox On 2017-04-20 18:35:01
  • any info on the bonus from lower level charms?
    Like, 1-5 or so, which is more likely that F2P/low spenders will be able to obtain.
Lv. 1 +0(**0%)
Lv. 2 +0(**15%)
Lv. 3 +0(**30%)
Lv. 4 +0(**50%)
Lv. 5 +0(**70%)
Lv. 6 +0(**90%)
Lv. 7 +0(**110%)
Lv. 8 +0(**130%)
Lv. 9 +0(**150%)

Please keep in mind that


Is the multipliers

Hope this helps you /Ach This post was last edited by Achroma at 2017-4-20 19:47
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  • Garv On 2017-04-20 21:59:03
  • The guide here says we can get charms in 'ultimate training', but in which one of them? in the 3 upper ones (suvival, speed, force attack)? in challenge the limit? in both? And what is the chance to drop? in the sense, can we hope to get a bunch per day or they are as rare as tactics threads in wanted treasures and we are compelled to buy them with coupons?
You get charms (And quite many of them) in Ultimate training (challenge the limit) They are not rare in that, however you will hit the wall of not being able to continue sooner or later as they get increasingly harder!
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  • Darksider226 On 2017-04-20 21:15:37
  • To which level does these challanges go to ? Any info about that , i keep challanging them but i see no end to this, at least we should know when it ends though ....
Challenge the limit has a cap of 325 Challenges (they do not reset daily)

The other trainings has a daily cap to avoid constant farming of points, im afraid i did not memorize the exact amounts however.
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  • tonkpils On 2017-04-21 05:48:59
  • Well, so the 3 kages for Ultimate training didn't reset
I apologize but there is infact 325 stages ingame currently, the first time you click ultimate training you auto clear a set amount of stages depending on your power (the high amount of rewards you recieve)

The training will not reset and thats entirely the fault of me saying that it will since the translation got messed up for me. Highest power stage currently ingame is 51.5k And we will see new stages added at a later stage.
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  • Test Ninja On 2017-04-21 15:46:08
  • ty for the clarification.

    btw, is there any way other then the shop to get access to both charms or rainbow magatamas?
No problem, was my bad translation skills that made the wrong statement from the start eitherway.

Currently there is not any other way, i would expect them to come in events and possibly other functions later however.
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  • General Garchom On 2017-04-21 22:40:23
  • how long do you expect that could take? And will that let us have the other 4 frags of tendo as well??
Hey, Im sorry but i cant honestly answer that at this time without possibly making people dissappointed in case im wrong.

As for the question about Rainbow Magas There is currently no way of getting them except Events and the initial stages of Ultimate training.

I would expect them to pop up in functions soon however

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  • Shadoblaze On 2017-04-23 01:34:02
  • any chance you can give us a better term than "soon"? because for a lot of game companies "soon" can mean anything between a few days to a few years.

    also might it be possible to do a "Whats coming up this month" type post for things we can look forward to next month? we don't need you guys to say week one we will release "A" week two is "B", just a general list of things that your trying to change, whether its new features, shop updates, new events(in a general sense, don't need to go into specifics just if something new would be added), new treasures or whatever is happening.
Hey, i cant really give you a better term then "soon" atleast not now.

I can say it wont be "years" atleast.

As for the "whats coming up this month" post its something i have requested myself and im hoping we get one up towards the end of the month.
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