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Hello, my dear friends! Its me, your favorite mod, Narutlih. All have questions and its normal. Thats why i collected most popular questions in this FAQ! So pls, dont create new threads each time you dont know smth. Just check this FAQ. And create new thread only after you make sure that i didnt answer on your question here.

Otherwise i'll delete your thread ^^

Lets start:

Q: What group officers do?

A: Members - nothing special; Elite - like member, but have cooler title; Anbu - can approve group applications; Seniors(max 2) - can refuse and approve applications, expel members, give and demote rank (excluding Leader), upgrade group, register on GNW, schedule group summon fights, whitelist people to see stuff in GNW, send messages via group mail, move people in GNW; Leader(max 1) - like seniour+can distribute great war prizes.

Q: Can inactive leader's rank be transfered?

A: After 1 week of leader's inactivity he can be impeached with ingots. Seniors can impeach in the first 24 hours after 7 days expire. After 48 hours - anbu, after 72 - elite, and then, finally, normal members. It costs 120 ingots to impeach.

Q: Can leader's rank be transfered?

A: Yes, by clicking on a group member in "Group Members" tab, there is an option to "pass on position"

Q: Can the Leader pass on leadership temporarily?

A: No.

Q: What is the limit to kicking members?

A: The limit is 10 member per day.

Q: What is the maximum level a group can achieve?

A: 13.

Q: Can the name of the group be changed?

A: Yes, with group rename card from shop. It costs 1225 ingots/coupons.

Q: What levels does Group design change?

A: It changes at level 5 and level 9.

Q: What is the limit for daily donations to the group based on?

A: It's based on level of the maincharacter of each player.

Q: How to invite people to the group?

A:In Private Message you can see chatbox. There is an icon for inviting to the group above message box.

Q: Do group contributions/group skills disappear after moving to another group? What happens if the group that player transfered to has lower level of group skills (player has higher level than limit)?

A: Group skills remain unchanged, however group contributions reset right after leaving the group, and cannot be regained later. If the player has higher level of group skills than the limit, the skills above limit don't have any effect until the group unlocks them. If you’ll return to your previous group, as usual your group contribution will be back to 0.

Q: How to leave a group?

A: In the Group Interface, on the bottom right of "Group Members" tab, there is a "Leave Group" *on.

Q: Does group keep the donations done by the player if they leave?

A: Yes, donations stay in group.

Q: What are the consequences of leaving a group?

A: 8 hours cooldown for group joining (lvl 40 and above), inability to join Great Ninja War for a week from the moment you join a new group. You will lose all contributions you had unspent, and your group skills will not be effective until you join another group. Also group activities reward is also unclaimable until until the first Monday after the player have been in the group for 7 days.

Q: Do all parts of the group need to be upgraded to the level of the group before group can be leveled up? What does the Group Activity level increase do?

A: Yes, Group Activity, Group Wheel and Group Skills all need to match the level of the group, before the group can level up. Increase in the level of group activity raises the rewards in chests/up to a certain point unlocks more chests to get rewards from.

Q: What are the requirements for participating in Great Ninja War?

A: A group needs to have at least 200 activity rate points.

Q: Are Group Activity Rewards Collected Automatically?

A: No.

Q: What does Whitelist do?

A: Whitelist is a function that allows leaders and seniors to choose which players can see teams and lineups for Great Ninja War. If someone is whitelisted, they can see all lands. People that are not in whitelist, can see only themselves.

Q: How to report a misbehaving group?

A: Make a thread with screenshots proving your point in Customer Service section on this forum.

Q: Where is the Group Instance?

A: Group instance has been removed and now mounted in Strong Approaching.

If you found typo/wrong info here - PM me in Discord. If you know how to improve this FAQ - PM me. If you wanna tell me your lovestory - you can PM me as well.

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