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[ Bugs ] Black Market: Treasure Map Quantity


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(Lazy to get a screenshot because I can't get the Treasure Map to show up in the Black Market when I wanted it x_x)

When you buy a treasure map from the black market merchant, it always show the quantity of maps that you have as 0. After buying the item, it would later show to be 1. However, this is not accurate.

Despite how many treasure maps you have that remains unclaimed, the black market merchant do not count their quantity. This might be because of how treasure maps are not an actual item in the inventory that has a fixed value (summoning fragments, for example).

Not anything game breaking, but worth noting it's existence nontheless. I'll get a screenshot whenever I can, but it's pretty easy for anyone to see that this exists. (i.e. the forum lurkers ;P)
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Thanks for reporting the bug!

I'll make sure to let the team know and hopefully fix it soon.
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As someone who has the treasure maps capped 90% of the times, i c*ually see higher number. I think that the scrolls numbered are the one which spawn in the same map / locations.
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Managed to get a screenshot at the 23 00 refresh so here you go.
Notes: Shows that I have 1 map after buying that map.

Notes: I might have failed math, but clearly not one map. ;P
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