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[ Bugs ] Survival Vault RNG


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This has happened 5 times in a row. I'm already sick of this *, I want it fixed, and especially because now we know these aren't random, so why is Survival doing this to me because it's a huge waste of my time at this point.

Since the picture isn't loading for 30 minutes: I get everything besides the seal scroll in trial breakthrough, 5 times now. Seriously what is this

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its hit or miss but the guy above is right, just go right to left or left to right, don't jump around or you'll always miss for some reason.

If its a huge problem then just focus on getting to 90, then you'll get everything in the vault everyday.
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The way i do the survival trial breakthrough vault is if you want something on the left side just pick all the cards on the left and i usually get what i want. If you want something from the right pick the cards starting from right to left.
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I do get the feeling that this is rigged as well, but I can still get that item every now and then.
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