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[ Suggestions ] Premium Medal System.


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So I wasted 15minutres typing up a suggestion for your medal system, to sit here for an additional 30+minutes trying to find whatever your god awful filter wont let me post, so thank you for wasting my time for not fixing a simple filter.

fix/remove the filter.... show me what the heck I cant post? do something.

Edit: Just decided to to screenshot my original idea, since your filters basically just gave me the middle finger.

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I do undoubtfully agree that medal users should receive an additional premium within the game.
I'll ask the team what's possible in the short future in regards to a premium.

Thank you for your suggestion!
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In china at least medal user's has 25% discount in the shop items!!!!! i am with you... we need more discounts/stuff from the medal...
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Well since I cant post it, I'll just take screenshots of my post that doesnt want to go anywhere.

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