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[ Lineup ] Creative teams?


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Here's a bit of a change... what's the most creative or unorthodox team you guys can come up with? I encourage the use of joke characters and what-not so have at it.
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not sure if you had this in mind, but this is my team for GNW when we're fighting a weaker group, wouldn't recomend it for competitive battle tho
basically you have 60 chakra off the bat for a tenten nuke, you c*so risk it with the passive that gives chakra for every dead unit so you could use obito after tenten in the first turn

not water atm so i had to use the simulator
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I use this team in Fighting Mitsuri, usually it gets me through the very end unless i run into group mates.. Its a * healing team, not fast an in killing.. I know i can go with Neurotoxin and have more control but i like the crazy healing this team does.. For the most Part Choza just gets soo beefed up he does most of the AOE dmg. I just using it because its different.
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Could a Sound team with Hebihime count? (Water-main, Kimimaro, Hebi, and Jugo)
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