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[ Fanfiction ] AzuScar One-Shots(Part 2)[Rating K]


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I will be putting in 2 oneshots. The first oneshot will be part of the first one-shot that I made (Hypnosis) If you did not read Hypnosis yet, then I best recommend you to tea that first to understand the one-shot. So then, here we go then ^-^ And PS a side note is that means a different one-shot.-
And to clear things up, this is from before Scarlet hypnotized Azure.

Scarlet looked at the girl that has a blue fragile broken eyes. He was heart-broken. She was too fragile.... Maybe his thoughts are playing with his mind.

"Please smile...."She said.

"If I suffer...won't you?"He thought.

"Just for my sake....please.."She said softly once more carressing his cheeks.

He then smiles.

"Yes...just for your sake."He mumbles as he kissed her forehead.

The girl's face flushed from the kiss on the forehead.

"W-what was that for?" She asked shocked her eyes glittered under the sky.

"Its maybe you are the cute girl in my dream that made me smile..."He said.

The girl flushed as the fabric of her hair fell down as her blue hair started to fly all over the place as doves flew.

"You are really beautiful, Azure...." He said.

The girl was shocked and her eyes glittered like the sea. She was smiling for real now. And plus, this was the dream he wished for in years.

For this one-shot I would like to recommend this MMD:

I prayed under a bloodshot sky
(I believe)
That it’s all a dream when I wake up
It didn’t come true
I’m tired and I have nowhere to go
Please take me anywhere
I will do anythingSomeone help
I realized it’s over
Someone help
The end of me was you
My fantasy will swallow up everything
It will change everythingIt’s just a fantasy
This pain grows like a thorn
Like a night without its moon
It’s an emptied sign
My tragedy
If a single path reveals itself
Save me FantasyGet back up,
off that dream
(Off that dream)The addiction that fills me
Stabs me in the heart
It rides flowing through me thickly
Oh my now black and burnt heaven
Oh the love that grew from eating the sadness
They make me wander all day and suffocateSomeone help
I realized I was too late
Someone help
Even though it’s late
My fantasy will stop everything in my arms
I want to live thereIt’s just a fantasy
This pain grows like a thorn
Like a night without its moon
It’s an emptied sign
My tragedy
If a single path reveals itself
Save me FantasyFantasy you are falling onto me
My tragedy is all that I have
To the stolen heart and twisted fate
I’m handing over to fantasy fantasyIn a moment you’re like smoke
You’ve spread all over my body and I inhale youpain pain I can endure more ppain
I can be ripped and cut by a sword but
All I need is to have you
Your existence is heaven and hell
You are the standard that separates the border
The day I promise your angel
I must have youIt’s just a fantasy
This pain fills me up dizzily
With the light that seems to shatter everything
This sign fills up
My tragedy I swear on everything that I have
Bring you back fantasyFantasy (Just my fantasy)
Throughout all of your body (Oh left on you)
So that I can’t be erased
That’s my fantasy fantasyIt’s all mine, it’s my fantasy
He was singing...his voice is just like a angel. But he was fragile. No one could recognize him. But the girl stared at him that has the soothing voice.
"It feels nice." Was what she said.

She listened even further not noticing imaginable *erflies flying around.

"It feels amazing then nice..."Was what she said. "But....he is a tragedy."

He heard the voice but was never paying attention. He doesn't care.

"But its my fantasy." He retorted back.

She smiles.

"Yes..its your fantasy, Scarlet. But your tragedy along with it."

The lyrics are in the Second one-shot. I hope this is better then expected ^-^ and I would like to recommend this to @Aisetra
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  • Oh ho, I've been recommended something :o
    Nice job with the oneshots thus far :)
Thanks! ^-^ OF course I would recommend something to you :D
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