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[ Help ] Poison Tai & Group Summon


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  • It is pretty expensive to level up the group summon, and as of now there are other priorities like Group Skills that need to be leveled up ;P (I'm saying this with the assumption that cultivating the group summon requires both summon chakra and group funds, based on what I've seen - correct me if I'm wrong)

    Is it still worth it to increase the level of the group summon? Are there any other perks than to use it for the war? (I've seen that Group summon seems to increase your power, not sure if it is true, or if it impacts you a lot)
u only need summon chakra to lvl the group summon, u c*e group funds(the stuff for lvling group wheel,activities,skills etc) but u dont have to

i would recommend lvling it as we dont know when the next summon will be released or what requirements there r on getting it. and as mentioned its a beast it will own the other team
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