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[ PVP ] End of Season Arena Rankings Negative Points


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Wouldn't it be nice to remove the negative from your total points when a new ranking starts if you haven't hit Sennin yet? I was hoping it would either remove the negative, or lower my score. With 43-10 you are basically stuck in a high ranked Arena with no way to get pushed down to your own ranking skill, or to move up without getting a good winning streak going...
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yesss I agree:lol
but that will probably never happen :@:@:@:@:L:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
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That'd be way too out of character for oasis do something like that.
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What, and give more players a chance to reach Six Paths and get rewards they'd have to spend a lot of money on to get otherwise...? That's blasphemy in the eyes of Oasis!
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You would think... new season means points wipe for everyone... that's what other games do... not "Oh, you haven't reached max ranked yet? Lets keep you where you are." While people who got maxed ranked just sitting on the 2nd rank, not doing anything and getting free stuff every month.
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