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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 117 - Water Main/Without Sage Naruto and Iruka


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Just a quick point; I have nearly 44k power,rareninja from Kage and pretty good luck when I beat this, but since there are no guides how to beat this one with Water without Sage Naruto and/or Iruka, here I go.

The team I used was this:


This way, Ao puts his clones above Hinata and Main.

Talents and summon:

Notes about this Exam:
You need to prevent Lightning Main from murdering you with Lightning Armor in round 1; Hinata or Neji are necessary.
Preferably stop Hashirama from launching his barrier.
You MUST stop Jiraiya's mystery in round 2 and Naruto's mystery in round 3; Water Main's Neurotoxin is great for this.
Whenever you deal damage to Lightning Main, that ninja gets paralyzed; that's why I don't put anyone in the top row.
Naruto 9-tails is immune to all debuffs and whenever you deal damage to him, that ninja gets ignited.

Turn 1: Use Ao's mystery on Hashirama. Let Lightning Main kill 1 clone and quickly use Hinata's mystery. She will hopefully block the rest of attacks (with the exception of Jiraiya). Bonus points are for a combo on the clone and with Darui's chase paralyzing either Hashirama or Jiraya. If Hinata dies, restart.
Turn 2: Use Main's mystery on Jiraiya and hope for crits on Lightning Main and Hashirama. (When I beat it, I crit on both which made everything much easier.) Restart if you don't crit on at least one of them.
Turn 3: Use Darui's mystery on Naruto 9-tails. Jiraiya should be dead at this point.
Turn 4: Main's mystery on Naruto 9-tails. He must die by the combo. Lightning Main should be close to dead, finish him with standards.
Turn 5+: Hashirama shouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

Hope this is gonna help anyone. Cheers! :victory:

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I had Iruka and Sage Naruto but I wanted comment and say it's pretty awesome to see players contributing to help out others!

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I completed it by moving Hinata over to the top middle spot so that Ao's clones could serve as a buffer and early source of chakra when they are inevitably wiped out by the Lightning Armor.

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Thank you helped a lot!
Managed to do it 39k bp by using talents 2-3-3-2-2 with Gamaken
Had to make sure that light main was affacted by chaos on turn 2 and used mains mystery on light main for turn 4 as 9-tails naruto died before this
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