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[ Ninja Exam ] Wind main exam 119 2.0 guide 39k


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I finally managed to beat 119 with less than 40k power. Since there weren't any good lineups posted atm, i took the kill order from the current strategy and made a team to deal with the whole blindness issue from the pre 2.0 guide. Kill order: konan, wind main, minato, pain.

R1: Hinata shield, konan will be comboed should have immobile and accupuncture in effect. If not restart.
R2: Temari on wind main, need to stop her reset and will probably be the only time temari will be alive to use mystery.
R3: Mei on wind main, she should be close to death by the end of this round, konan should die in mei's mystery attack.
R4: Wind main should be dead or very close to it, use your wind main's mystery on minato.
Continue to focus minato until dead. I had hinata and main left to kill pain.

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