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[ Strategy Share ] Gakido Lightning Main


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This team seems to have a pretty weak turn 3 - if a team managed to get debuffed from your turn 2 mystery and has a turn 3 mystery, there isn't anything you can do to stop it. This is especially since you would most likely use hinata round 1, followed by lightning main round 2. Sasuke can't get his field up if you follow this order. I can't really find anything to fault the first 2 rounds though, Hinata is good choice as a tank and a control. (despite eating that move 1 initiative up x_x) Can just keep that in mind.
If your server is still relatively young, this lineup should work still tho. Good luck with that lineup ^^ (If not, you could also consider using the lineup I mentioned in another topic you commented on - which is using kimimaro instead of hintata)

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