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4 simple questions I'd like an answer to:

How is it possible that we have to wait so long for an opponent with so many servers?
And if I manage to get someone it's usually the opponent of the day, meaning same person over and over?

How is it possible I'm getting kage level opponents if I'm jonin myself?

And one for the comunity, are people not embarased they're using so many same teams?
Mostly the Mabui, Tenten, Mei, water main one. One day got it 7 times straight, although different people but still.
Obviously somehow the word spread that team works so no one want's to try anything else.

The balance in this game is terrible from the start, which is confusing to say the least since it's been out for 2 years but that's the developers fault since they don't seem to care. At any given point there seems to be an overpowerd class that most people are using and just copying stuf from others. Not that I'm earth at the moment but what's the point of it right now?
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I'll do my best to answer specific questions.

1. Well, not every server has cross-server functionality, additionally, it matches based on ranked/match points as well.
You and that person might have very similar points, or just queuing up at the right time.

2. They might be negative or you're on a hot streak facing tougher opponents to climb.

3. Why would the community feel embarrassed? It's a successful team in arena, there's already people creating counteractive teams to face that.
It's the meta that has formed within the game, metas generally come and go after people figure out what to use against them.

As for the last segment, you started to shift from questions to a baseless opinion statement.
Anything that's remotely popular and successful, will be copied and built on, that's generally when a meta is formed.

Hopefully, that helped you understand a few things. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me,
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