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[ Suggestions ] Arena Initiative


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  • JeremyKohBS On 2017-03-09 00:32:40
  • Is this in the Arena? I know outside of the Arena its definitely possible, 100% certain, cause I know a few of of my opponents take the field, but 1st move I get it, or even 2-3 out of 4 ninjas (in my server that is), just cause my initiative are spread out, but theirs is concentrate on move 1.

    But inside Arena, I have never encounter that situation before. But if you've encountered that situation before in Arena, I guess its possible, though I haven't heard from anyone as that happening, and you might be the 1st.
Well, i did mention somewhere else where I had 1st move and opponent had 2nd move in arena.

Like him, I stack all my init on my first move char. Thou I'm rather uncertain about how the thing works.
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