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[ Bugs ] The Blatant Cheating on Convoy Needs To STOP!!!!!


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Sorry for the Bad English
Im TIRED of the Cheating/Exploiting.Im not sure if u are aware of it,been doin it,or just dont care enough since its been goin on awhile,but im Tired of it and something needs.To be Done Now causes its CHEATING,at least to me it is

1.Some people have alts.Thats a Fact
2.Some People have other people accounts ,of people that quit the game that they can accsess and play.Thats a Fact
3.They then use these accounts to do Convoy,and use there Mains or have other people they know plunder it

Let's Pretend that server merges don't exist in your Game, Lets also pretend, that the Avg POP Per Server is 125
Players per Server. You Allow 50/125 which is 40% the option to plunder.

50 people To plunder is a FACT, What is Fake is the Avg Pop per Server which is not 125 per Server, I'm Guessing its much lower than that,
cause if that where the case people would not be on here Begging You to MERGE there Server.

I Don't want any Mod to come on here and Comment. All I want is for you to send this to the DeVs, so they can Read
And do the Math on how they think Having 50, that's FIFTY players Per Server Dividend by the Avg player per Server the option to plunder/Cheating

People Loot there Alts due to Low Server POP,cause to many people are allow to loot

Suggestions to make it better
1. Top 20 in power Or top 20 in Rank Battle based on 5am Reset so there no flip flopping of rank

2. Reduce the time limit from 3 hours per to 1 hour each time.3 hours is way to long,and way to much time for people to cheat

3. Make it top 20 Rank battle. Rank Battle is pointless and the only time I do it causes of Dumb Monthly Event,
if u did this people would pay more Attention to it and u would Add an element that would make the game more Fun

4.50 people is WAY to many people, plz Keep that 50 in your mind, when u look at Server Avg player base

5.Enforce your alt rules during that 6 hour time frame,tho not sure how u could which is why a reduce in time is better

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Do like them then , that's not cheating that's called being smart .. your solutions isn't a good thing
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  • Praziptat On 2017-03-01 05:41:26
  • Do like them then , that's not cheating that's called being smart .. your solutions isn't a good thing
u have the tools..
u have to know how to use those tools.
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what??how is reducing the time to 1 hour makes it better?did u even think about those who plays and are low lvl..sure we can get to 50 ranked battle but even if we plunder we wont get *..and thus are forced to convoy..and being able to convoy in 1 hour makes it convenient to plunderers..the only reason that some who is in the top 20 only half of them do plunder is because the time it takes to plunder is REALLY LONG..on a low populated server u might have to wait 6 hours a day clicking that refresh *on..

Whats wrong with plundering the alternates?? i think its much better these ppl plunder their alternates..or those who left their server..than plunder me who is still playing but not in the top 10 rankings
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and yes 50 ppl is way too many for low populated server..but heres a thought...if everyone is plundering..that means no one is at the end of the day..ppl will be forced to convoy..i think the system is good enough as it is..sure the plunderer gets more..but lolz..the amount of time u spend clicking that refresh *on..when 20-30++ ppl is doing the same..and only 5-10 ppl *..xD
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Unfortunately, this is not a bug however, it is against the rule and is a reportable offense.
Players aren't allowed to have alternative accounts on the same server and especially using them to complete trivial matters, such as Plunder/Sage, etc.

I'll address some of your suggestions.

1. Marking it towards the Top 20, hurts a lot of populated servers. Which is something we're against doing.

2. It's a timed event and accessible throughout the day for players that come home from School, Work and other things throughout the day. Lowering it to 1h, twice each time hurts the overall accessibility of Convoy, which is meant to be a daily.

3. Your "Server Average" is extremely off.

4. Enforcing the alt ruling is something I'm for. However, it's up to the players to bring evidence of the matter to further help an investigation.
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