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[ Events ] A huge thank you to oasis for listening


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As you probably know i'm a huge complainer on the forum regarding server merges and how thinks could be handled better by oasis.
Today i want to congratulate oasis for finally listening to one of my suggestions and implementing the OasisAmbassador which i think is one of the best things they ever done for us.
Today i was pleasently surprised by a visit of the OasisAmbassador on my server and the way he acted towards my fellow server mates and me was top notch he listened to us and our concerns so i'm really really grateful to oasis for this.

I think this is a step in the right direction for oasis and i'm glad they did this. They finally taking our suggestion and critisim and aren't ignoring us .

Thanks Oasis , you done great today.
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Yah I mean, gotta see if it really affects anything. However, the ambassador person was super nice and easy to talk to.
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well they put him but . what ppl saying to him will come into an ear then go out from the other ear ;P
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I hope my dead server get a visit soon... I can count fully active players on one hand now :(
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  • IamAscrub On 2017-03-01 08:52:25
  • I hope my dead server get a visit soon... I can count fully active players on one hand now :(
i visited ur server...and i seriously hope they merge u man..*...
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oasis? you must be really thirsty lol
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