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[ Fanart ] AzuScar Omatsuri


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Azure Fang and Scarlet Blaze attending a festival together.Scarlet Blaze tries to steal a glance from Azure Fang because she's so cute. lol

Anyway, I still * at digital art. Whenever I sketch on paper, the idea kind of looks good (or so I think it's not bad...?), but when I start scanning and editing/coloring on photoshop it still *s orz

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Love those eyes :$
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you had a pretty good sketch tho :D
i'm sure as the time goes on you'll constantly getting better at coloring, i'm not saying that this is bad, i'm saying that you can do better :D

keep up the good work rie ;P
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I love the sketch! I agree with Frosette, you'll get better at digital if you practice more!

(lol look at me saying this, i should take my own advice)
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I love Azure Fang's expression, she can't make eye contact because she is super shy and knows Blaze is looking at her! XD
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