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[ Suggestions ] Cross Server Arena


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Just a few things I've been wondering and suggestions with the current Arena model.

1.What is the exact server range for cross server arena play and is it possible to increase it? It feels as though there are still never people playing in arena, particularly in ranked.
2. If the first isn't possible then is it too much to ask for a sort of decay system or something to make it so people actually have to play the ranked variant of arena?
3. If neither of these are possible at least make arena queues somewhat similar to say, team instance matching, where players can still run about and do some other things while waiting. I get that you are on your computer and could probably find something else to entertain as you wait but for those not blessed with a bit of free time, this just makes it more pressing for them and deters from arena.
4. Is there a list of all possible ninja frags one can get from the arena seasonal rewards and, if not, can that be added or noted somewhere?

I don't like to complain without solid grounds to do so but it feels like arena is just being half-done at all times. The 2.0 updates were definitely tremendous and, in my opinion, not given the credit they deserve and, as such, arena is still negligible to most players. The potential 90 frags and 6 seal scrolls you get at the end of the month are actually very nice rewards for a recurring feature, especially considering the ninjas one can get. (I've seen people get GNW variants, shop ninjas and even kage pack commons which is very nice if you manage to get them at 60 pieces.) However, the desire for people to get these rewards and hold titles in their server seems to be a sloppy mess.

I don't want to detract from people who have managed to climb to that point in arena but there is no incentive to continue doing ranked AT ALL after said point. With the lack of people actually doing it in the first place this becomes problematic because they can just sit there, penalty free, and get the rewards. This is one of the reasons people aren't very interested in arena to begin with because the climb not only takes a while regularly, assuming you don't win every single fight for about 30 fights straight, but the queue times and inability to do anything, other than stare at the timer as it inevitably ticks upwards of 10+ minutes, really detract from ever wanting to go back in to try and climb.

I understand that everything involved is modeled after our predecessor versions and can't be changed entirely, as well as the fact that we only recently got the arena seasonal mode in working order, but even one of these changes would make it so much more enjoyable and bearable. Having events for arena, like the one in this weeks rotation, add a bit more incentive to do it but not nearly as much as small scale permanent updates would have.

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