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[ Ninja Exam ] nanja exam 108 water main


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finnally i beat this
there is few condition to work but its really work
1 round : use iruka mystry in fire main ( must iruka evade pain attack , and must asuma not star a combo with iuka or even Ao (must stay alive ))
if not star again *
2 round use Main water mystry in asuma (batter if choase 2 enemy ninjas) in this round must use Ao mystry in pain to make sure he didn't use his mystry next round (whene the clone of Ao die u get a 20 chakra
3 round use naruto mystry in sasory ( should firend asuma dies)
4 round use iruka and naruto mystry in the hight life between pain and sasori(or udo what u see is batter )

good luck : )
ohh; there thing verry impartant with clones
should be like that:

Naruto main Ao
Ao clone naruto clone naruto clon
Ao clone naruto clone Iuka
that happning if u respect the Arrangement what i do exactly in the photo

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