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[ Other ] jonin medal isnt good


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Because the medal pays for itself with just the daily coupon
Anything else are just a bonus, so you can't say it's not good. whatever the fook the daily mission thing is, it's not important, the important stuff are the survival coin boost, nine tail stat boost, minor stat boost, sweeping exp boost (since you are obviously not capped yet, this actually matters), 5 extra ranked (which gives you 140 extra monthly event pt per month)

I don't understand why you are hang up on a worthless feature when there are actually other valuable items in the medal.
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  • 30 dollars for 20 coupons a day when i could just get montly with 30 coupons for 6 dollars and people purchase daily medals for convience to laze around i dont want to spend my day doing daily missions on a new character when i could spend my stamina doing other things to help with my power This post was last edited by Darth Weeaboo at 2017-2-20 11:40
Monthly card is cheaper by about six times....
it also only last about one sixth the duration, so the two have almost exactly the same cost? (I dunno about your server, it might differ, but jonin is 1888 here, and monthly is 300 each, for 1800 total)

And also, the extra coin etc that the medal give are worth around 30-35 coupon per day, making the return of the two things also about the same (monthly card here is 50/day)

And most people that are ptw get both, since both have vast superior value than anything else.

I STILL fail to see your problem.
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