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[ Other ] jonin medal isnt good


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  • 30 dollars for 20 coupons a day when i could just get montly with 30 coupons for 6 dollars and people purchase daily medals for convience to laze around i dont want to spend my day doing daily missions on a new character when i could spend my stamina doing other things to help with my power This post was last edited by Darth Weeaboo at 2017-2-20 11:40
You aren't getting the Jonin Medal for the daily coupons, though you do get 3600 over the course of it's duration. It's mainly purchased for the additional benefits that come along with it such as being able to get 4,500 exp per sweep on Mondays(3,000 other days), higher stamina limit along with an entire list of things. Aside from that, it's only necessary to spend around 60 stamina a day to complete the dailies. Which you could make back in no time using the Jonin Medal's increased stamina regeneration in the hot tub. :D This post was last edited by Azυrα at 2017-2-20 21:55
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