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[ Events ] The importance of merge for really dead servers.


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  • Iroku Doi On 2017-02-15 15:15:00
  • seems to me like you didn't read what i wrote but it's ok
    also they aren't prioritizing dead servers take the latest merge for exemple , non of the servers were truly dead they could still do sage world , gnw , plunder and matsuri. they seem to merge based on number of spenders instead of other criterias because they want the spenders to spend on the merge events , a complete joke
My server is S44 with S48 and S52. S44 being the biggest spender, but it is a high spender server between these 3, possibly why ours got merged over 80+ servers and such.
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  • Iroku Doi On 2017-02-15 16:07:41
  • read my post please i mention there than they pick servers close in days to one another 2-4 days difference btw them . Was your server really that much in need for a merge ? or was it that server 44 wanted competition and are spending money so they get their desired merge.
My server was 3 weeks older than S52. Not sure about S48 but it was not few days. I mean our server was getting bad, wasn't like no sage world or anything bad, but I believe within 1-2 months without a merge we'd be there. Well we have 4 big p2w spenders, while only S52 only has 1 big spender. Could be cause we just had enough spenders and they looked into us. We probably aren't the only servers with plenty of big spenders, but no merges.
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  • Iroku Doi On 2017-02-15 16:44:44
  • didn't know that they used to have a wider gap btw server releases than they do now where its 2 days btw servers like it was with my server 2 months ago 273 is 2 days older than my server but the difference is like night and day ...
    Still you are saying you had sage world and all that so why do you think merge was more necessary for you than servers like 256 for example ( my server is 276 btw ) which doesnt even have enough activity rate to go to GNW with 1 single group .
    I don't understand the merge priorities except the common line that merged servers have big spenders like the server kaizer was on for exemple it was nowhere near in need of merge and neither were the 2 servers his server got merged with . all were very popular servers so why did the merge happen ? because all had big spenders that's why.
    Why not prioritize servers who need the merge more? also do it in a way its balanced not like the recent 163 166 169 merge fiasco. Tell me if you didn't have sage world for a few months and then got merged with a server who did and u go from top 1 to top 20+ would u still play?
    the top 1 ( now top 3 on my server) quit 16 days ago because of the lack of sage world and not being able to plunder without losing 6 hours refreshing and he was a decent sized casher 900$+ . the now top 2 on my server if merged today would be top 10-15 in a merge with any of the close servers near us and he spent 1200$ ( he didn't spend them wisely as it was his first server though) . you think he would still play and spend if he got put into top 20 ( because the gap btw servers grows coz we can't do events other can) after a merge in a month or 2 ? he paid a lot of money to be top 2 and all of that would be wasted because a unreasonable timed merge. I'm top 1 on the server with just 80$ total but there is a big difference btw me and top players from other servers because f2p on servers near me have more power than me . Not to mention i can't finish the fateful encounter event until very late into the day and i'm basically always online simply because no one is on the server to do it with .
    I know i'm ranting for nothing but me and the other people in top 5 ( 4 players coz 1 already quit ) will probably quit the game soon if nothings changes
Yeah, it seems to be an unfortunate event where they look out for the spenders and not for the semi-spenders. The one issue I have with servers like yours, is they are very late into the gaming. I've looked at some 250+ servers and they are pretty dead and depressing. It's something you'd expect if you look in the forums, and if not, it is wise to make sure and check because you're thinking of spending and little do you know, could be a waste since you might lose out on events. My server was booming at the start for 1-2 months. During late October it has been pluming down, but like I mentioned, we have big spenders including myself.

To answer if I would quit if I was top 20, well not sure exactly. When I did play and spent maybe 200$ at the best I was like 11th best on my server at the time. I guess it didn't really bother me cause I played how I wanted to which was collecting ninjas and power up there and there. If I wanted to be top 1-2 for several months from now I should/could of avoided the tendo treasure and saved seals for Kage. Still cool to have tendo and hashirama as ninjas.

In the end, they most likely check all servers that are undergoing issues with inactivity and such, BUT they most likely look at who's their bigger spender. If this wasn't the case, they'd look at you guys first, not us. This post was last edited by AkashaMoka at 2017-2-15 16:55 This post was last edited by AkashaMoka at 2017-2-15 16:55
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  • Iroku Doi On 2017-02-15 17:04:40
  • thanks for understanding my situation . yes it's really unfortunate that the gap btw dead servers and normal servers widen and when the eventual merge comes boom all people from the dead server quit because it was pointless but it was fun while it lasted.
    Funny thing is you can't say servers from 250 are even that new servers when they opened 379 just recently.
    I know my server is only 64 days old so it's not really an old server but if the gap between the players on my server and the servers near me widen more i won't bother playing anymore , i mean the top 10 on my server would be 60+ in a merged server . top 30 would be 203 ( if merge happened today btw 273 276 280 today) . My server is * but i don't want my players to suffer either merge us now so the gap doesn't widen or don't merge us ever and make sage be accessible even with 6-7 players online just make it less time the lower the number is
I am sure if they wanted to, they could equally find servers with similar power. Or merge with newer servers. The business model is if they see spenders and merge with bigger spenders, they believe the smaller spenders will spend more. The action does not take place like that as people actually quit. When our servers merged about 3-4 38k+ players quit. This was the first week of December and by now they'd prob be 50k+ or higher. A guy had tendo, so he spent quite a bit, but he quit the same week. Now they lost money because spenders like those are gone. Sure they still have us, but they don't have the others. It's a lose-lose for the company thinking people will go out of their budget range for a game.
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  • Blackami974 On 2017-02-15 17:39:30
  • Well what you need to reilise is if Oasis doesn't have a profit in merging the server you are on they will not probably do it in the near future even tho you think you deserve it or need it badly.Spenders are a big part of server atleast in the eyes of Oasis so if you are not lucky af complaining anymore wont probably do you any good.
Oh they understand, but it's *ty practice regardless. Stop forcing out servers then and keep a low amount. Oh server doesn't have 2000$ spenders? No we can't merge that just yet.
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