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[ Bugs ] Fateful Encounter


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thats not bug, deppen what free simbols. all can join if u have it
about u saying u lost point, im not sure. except u can take SS
1 days u can get 30 pt, additional for ppl with medal 10.
now already 6 day after the event fatefull is starting, so im sure u have 180pt or 240pt. but its if u do fatefull event since the begining.
u can count self how much u have pt, count from u'r exchange list. if u trade 12 key its 180 pt u have now
  • Registered: 2017-07-24
  • Topics: 41
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  • Giizis On 2017-02-14 19:42:45
  • Bug isn't people joining an open team, dude. Bug is matching symbols and not gettin' points as a reward.

    Don't you think I have already counted points for myself before coming here?
    I've gotten 30 points daily and always bought advanced refines. Today I've gotten 25 points out of 30 for this bug, I have screenshots that can prove it doing some simple math.

    Since I have lost 5 points out of nowhere, it is a bug.
take SS u'r redeem list, and lets admin seeing that xp
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