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[ Strong Approaching ] Strong Approach Hidan - Scarlet Blaze & Midnight Blade [Normal]


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It took some time but I did it. I hope this helped. (Click 720hp if you want the start of the video to be clear.)

-Scarlet Blaze:

-Midnight Blade:
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Any advice on SA Hard with MB?
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  • Any advice on SA Hard with MB?
It works with the same lineup and talents,
-The 1 round are the Zetsus, use the same method as in the video for normal.
-The 2 round, don't use Tayuyas mystery at Deidara; Select Sasori at the start; Kill Deidara with some attacks and the Midnight blades mystery. And then use Tayuyas mystery on Sasori (so he wouldn't kill you with his mystery) and use Kimimaros mystery on Sasori. (And you're done with that round)
-The 3 round are Hidan and Kakuzu, (you don't have to select neither of them, but if you want then select Kakuzu) use MB mystery and kabutos mystery and then when they have (I don't know how to say) their mysterys on top of their head(?) use Tayuyas mystery and then Kimimaros mystery and if you have enough chakra use Kabutos mystery too.
-The 4 round are Animal Path and DPS Hidan, select Hidan, use MB mystery, then when Hidan has his mystery on his head(?) use Tayuyas mystery, then Kimimaros mystery, and for safety use Kabutos mystery too (if you have enough chakra). And you're done if not then you should MB mystery again.

``~`I hope this helped and I'm sorry if its hard to understand (I'm in a hurry)..
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here's my lineup. how do i clear SA hidan easy version. i'm just lv 43.
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