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[ Help ] Survival Trial shows 5 ninjas in battle


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Question Type:Question via platform
Question Type:Bug

Question Number:540451

Game:Naruto Online

Time :2017-02-08 16:34:00
Character Name:... Description2017-02-08 00:34:33Dear Support,

How can I have 5 ninjas in battle? Survival Trial shows me having 5 ninjas in battle, but one is not in battle and I want to change it for another ninja.

Please see screenshot attached.

Matthew Description2017-02-08 00:34:33 DoeDetailed Description2017-02-08 01:34:30Dear Ninja,

Thank you for contacting us.
For your question, we suggest that you please post it in our Customer Service or General section in the Naruto Online Forums so that more detailed and specialized help can be given to you on details to your match.
Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
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In battle c*so mean that you used it in battle at least once. You can't swap a ninja even after just 1 checkpoint passed with them
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if can switch then survival will easy as piece of cake ;P;P;P;P
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That's normal. If you used a ninja in battle even once, it is locked in for rest of the day at survival trial.
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