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[ Bugs ] The Final Trial


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I've retried the instance with my team, for a hour, today.
Sasori and Deidara, Hidan e Kakuzu and the four Pains are totally beatable. I can kill some of these team turn one, some turn two.

The blue circle is a nonsense. Mods stated that it's intended to be difficoult. Ok. But it's a nonsense the same.
Since mods are player, just try it now (since it doesn't count for who beated this pre 2.0): there are 6 Pains sitting at 64K+ BP.
Pretty much they would kill one of ur ninja turn one by combo. You are dead turn two.

Ofc its beatable. If you are Oragiri with his 100K+ BP it's probably even funny and easy.
But since he's one out of thousand, maybe there is something wrong in the instance.

I'm sitting at 36K+ BP right now. I'm not one of the strongest nor one of the weakest, and I have a fair team.
I am supposed to three star that instance and I can't.
It's the only place when you can get that Orochimaru's belt for awaken your ninja, do you realized it?

I'm ok with difficoult stuff, and I'm ok with challange. But it has to be fair.
Drop their power to 40/45K BP and it will have sense to do it.
As for now, there is no point in trying that instance: you can say what you want, but it's just clearly broken, as demonstrated by the tons of thread about this issue.

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I understand your frustration, However, that's the case with "Blue Circle" instances.
It's been proven beatable, and there have been guides provided on what team to use for certain instances.

This isn't a bug, the best advice I can provide is looking for specific guides to help.
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