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[ Bugs ] Matsuri still isnt cross server, I hate reposting about this..but yeah frustr...


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So Basically my server still has 0 cross server matsuri, seems like many new servers are having this issue. If its intended thats fine..well not really, but at least its an answer.

273 UK server, Not 1 person has fought anyone cross server. I know theres other servers all around 200+ that I can tell from friends/forum posts. Is there a set amount of time when our servers become cross server? Or because we decided on a newer server, were totally always going to only fight poor lvl 40-45s at lvl 85 because after 20minutes we cant match with anyone unless people make new characters just for matsuri?

Also worried this means when Cross server Arena IS implented we are going to be totally ..well a bad word. This is more important for us then servers 1-50 honestly. Since for us it means not even getting a fight or a match.

I know Tobeis busy, ive tried to be patient, since hes been really helpful. However with no news or anything this is getting pretty annoying.
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Apologies for the late reply.
I've written down Server 273 and let the team know about Matsuri not being cross server.

We'll do our best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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