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[ Bugs ] free dices......


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Hi, i see that the posts about people not getting their free dices have been closed so i'll open a new one. Yesterday i didn't have any problems, today instead.... already consumed 400 stamina in sweeps and still no free dices.... only paper nets for the fishing event seem to drop.
Now, i guess i've been "unlucky" but to me, it's a bug :(... unless there's something 'special' i should be doing to make them drop (in that case, please let me know what it is ;P) LOL

ps: from my past experience, dices dropped with just a few sweep...
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Currently, it's not a bug.
I do agree however that it is indeed a harder to get dices, I'd suggest completing your Dailies afterward sweeping.

Although I'll let the team know if it's possible to rollback the previous ways to get dices.
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