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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for Matsuri Challenge.


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So i was thinking about it, to make it more fair for everyone.

Would like to suggest to make Matsuri into a power bracket, so everyone would have a chance at prizes and it would be more fair to everyone.

let's say for example:

0 to 1000BP
passed the 1000 BP u would be included on the 2000 to 3000BP and so on.

prizes wouldnt change of course, but this would be much better in my opinion of things, the actual randomness of matsuri makes it frustrating sometimes, especially for low battle power people, not saying they will not have a chance, but they are slim chances of getting anything good.
And if they change the battle power to a lower one, it's going to be the one registered in the power ranking, in case anyone would try to bug out the system. I hope this suggestion will be a good one.

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