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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for Matsuri Challenge.


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what power is used for this bracketing? The power on the ranking or the specific team used in the masuri battle?

Hard bracketing like this have the following issue:
If bracket is wide, then some players will almost always win while other almost always lose, this is a far worse situation than where we stand now, which is more RNG based.
If brackets are narrow, there will be players who have very few peers, therefore matching becomes impossible and bleed into "match anyone" which is a worse thing. And even if it is narrow, there will be a small group of player, probably heavy ptw with powerful super rare ptw ninjas that will dominate their bracket, with no risk of losing, not entirely desirable.

Brackets for players over 60k will also be problematic due to their rarity, granted they are a problematic group in any form of matching system, so this is kind of moot.

Overall, while this could improve the life of some players and the perciption of fairness for others, on the grand scheme of things, this less fair than what we currently have.
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  • IamAscrub On 2017-01-28 14:19:33
  • BP based matchmaking would mean people with good ninja combos would have free wins over others of otherwise similar BP, which is a problem in itself.

    Changing the 1 minute match anyone would probably be a better solution. Instead of anyone after 1 minute, maybe gradually increase the range based on how much time has passed by. For example, up to 2k pow difference for < 1 min. up to 4k difference at 2 mins, 6k at 3 mins ect. The matchmaking time would be longer, but it would get you less frustrating (mis)matches. There would still need to be a match anyone limit, say at 5 mins, so people with absurd pow would still be able to get matches.
I'm getting up to 6-8k difference upward and 20k downward within the 1 min....
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