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[ Events ] Chinese New Year Tomorrow


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Wish all of you a happy chinese new years in advance, since I most probably won't be online tomorrow! I wonder how many of you were born in the year of the rooster :P don't forget to wear your red underwear. Who actually celebrates it and what do you do?

Hopefully there will be secret new events tomorrow, since it is kinda a big deal and this game originates from china. However, after the normal new year, I don't want to get my hopes up too high.

Time to go collect ma new years money :D

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Happy Lunar New Year to you as well.
The mods have mentioned that there won't be any specific events to the New Year... but one can hope.
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free ingots as the red envelope pffffffftttt;P:lol
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You just have to believe strong enough for the events to appear! And also I've reached the age that it is expect of me to give my nephews an red envelop :D They seemed so happy.
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While I still have hope we will get some type of event at the same time I have seen comments from mods saying they have no information about it. So it's looking like we may not get anything sadly. Kinda mad about the whole matter because this is a once a year event that we will have to wait a whole nother year to see. Hope they do have a surprise event just so I can try to get that Tenten.
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