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Really? Tobei you do understand that saying "thanks for the suggestion" and then locking a thread is just insulting right? No questions, no discussion, no effort. I'm not a scrub upset that I can't get all three battle points the first time through a mission. I'm stunned that challenges I could almost beat pre-2.0 demolish me in 1-2 rounds now. Combined with the massive nerfing of f2p ninjas (I'm not even gonna start on how much you've screwed that up) these challenges are nigh impossible now unless one is willing to shell out for more powerful ninjas. It's not as simple as "proper team strategy."

I don't know if it's just your way of "encouraging" players to spend more money or if it's a ham-fisted attempt at manipulating the rate at which players can gain power. Either way it wasn't properly thought out and does nothing but create two (unequal) tiers of players. Oh yeah, transparency is pretty valuable to customers so maybe you could actually put in some effort and explain the rationale behind these changes? Have a bit of a discussion? Actually listen to your players instead of dismissing them? Just a thought since, you know, that's kind of what mods are supposed to do.

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Amen :):):)
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There is like no way for people to do the TI or sweep for mats now becasue the newer FTP will never be able to upgrade their gear until they get like 5 extra lvls even more. My alt wont be getting mats to upgrade my gear past the 70 lvls because they are neer impossible.
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and now people share the fusturation ive had since the begining
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I do understand the frustration that the new difficulty can bring, however, this suggestion has been brought up before, discussed and delivered for review. Ultimately the decisions aren't a 1-2 statement.
There's only so much I can help with and essentially at the moment, the best I can offer is ways around it.

If you have any more questions or suggestions to offer. Feel free to message me.
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