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[ Other ] white screen b4 kyuubi


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mod here? what happened bro? im waiting for 2 hrs for kyuubi,,
i even do matsuri thats not to interesting,, hence im always meet strong opponet,.
but why like this b4 kyuubi start? is it im f2p player i got like this? :@:@:@:@
im not even restart my network adaptor, i try delete cookies and cache still same, i thing my connection have problem but i try surfing and still okay lol,, what happened ? :Q:Q:Q:Q
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well i thing its okay now,, they let me in,,,,
only after kyuubi down waiting it for 2 hrs+ for nothing make me sad lol ;P;P;P;P
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Glad it's working again.
Next time, however, please note that you can check the browser version to see if it's running as well. (Client vise verse)
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