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[ Suggestions ] Server 297 requesting merger


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I am one of the seniors of the top group of Server 297, Log Horizon. We are a strong group, enough so that other groups have requested we split apart and go into different groups due to our solid activity and consistency in the GNW. While I understand our server is relatively new, I do believe that it is time for a server merger as Log Horizon has no competition and other players threaten us on a daily basis that they will quit the game if we do not do something about our monopoly in plunders and war.

I do realize that our server is still quite new, being 4-5 weeks old, and has a long ways to grow before reaching level 100 (we are in the 60s range). It is important to understand the ground situation before passing this verdict, however. Log Horizon has 3 seniors and 1 leader, 1 informal senior which until yesterday was me. Last night our leader decided to leave to a smaller group to take over as their leader to split the power in a way. He did it to balance out the server and so that the server may remain alive due to the constant threat of players quitting our server over our dominance. Our group is not in any way p2w, we worked hard to be where we are with not that much money invested. So it's not like we payed to be better, it is our activity and solid core that makes us better, important point to note. Our groups leaders besides me are great, very knowledgeable and well respected, mature individuals. Unfortunately the leaders of all of the rest of the groups do not match up in any way. They are selfish, promote working only for self-benefit, one of them cross recruits from all the groups trying to rise up, so that they die before they even begin, and the other keeps telling everyone the server is dead so that they should all quit. I don't see much merit or value in their leadership, and neither do their groups, any longer. Faced with the lack of competition, our leader after a hugely successful win in GNW over 3 other groups, decided we should do something and left the group, passing it on to the 1st senior.

I make this request now because we have a lot of potential as a group, and it's being hung up for the sake of this server. May it be luck or coincidence that a lot of the most active and most powerful players on the server decided to join one group, I know not. I do know that we are being stiffed for the sake of the inability of other leaders on our server; I wouldn't even go as far as to call them leaders. Before all the potential dies and we find the game less fun and inadvertently lose more members (I hope not), I would request you would look into this situation, give it consideration, and grant us a server merger. Our server has a lot of spenders growing slowly inactive, as well. This would reinvigorate them, thank you for your consideration.

-ltachi (297)
Log Horizon

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