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[ Suggestions ] GNW packs suggestion


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hello. i just want to suggest a better distribution packs in GNW. instead of giving 3 Legendary packs 4 hero peat packs and 2 ordinary packs. why dont give the winning team all the contents inside of all those packs in one bundle. example if u give one bundle of 80 seal scrolls, 100 runes and 5000 points of victory group points. the leader can separate this items into each members who participated during GNW. of course to avoid being greedy each player should have limited numbers of receiving items. example for each player u can only received maximum of 10 seal scrolls and 10 runes and 500 victory points. and once u recieved this bundle pack, you should distribute it in a limited time or before another bundle pack should be given again. i hope u can consider this suggestion so that leaders (like myself) can give enough distributions in all participating members. thanks and hope for your reply. gud day
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that will need a lot of programming as the one now does not need as much data or variables.
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Unfortunately, we wouldn't consider this.

However, there is a change happening with GNW packs relatively soon.
Stay tuned till then.
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