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[ Bugs ] Matsuri Not cross Server for 273 (maybe all UK Servers))


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So ever since the original cross server update for matsuri went out. Not one person on server 273 (a uk server) has had a cross server battle. Sometimes The que will go up to 10minutes if its near the end of matsuri, still only the same server as opponents. I have fought people at 15k power(im 25k) only a few people higher, so 27k is obviously a fine matchup. I highly doubt this is only a problem on 273 so im assuming this issue could be a UK server problem, or something similar.

There is only 2 guilds and of the 60 people who actually communicate on the server, out of 80, and not even one time has someone fought cross server. The first day this might have just been a coincidence, but after 3 days of this(4? i think only 3 though) Clearly there is a problem. I even sat in que for 17 minutes last time.

I beg of you if your on a server around 273, a uk server, or a HK server especially in the 200+ server bracket, post if your 100% sure your server is also having a problem.

Considering (like all high number servers) we have such few players on our server, this is completely ruining the fun of everyone when we were all so excited for this feature.

Im aware that theres another issue occuring regarding timeouts, which is more important currently, but that doesn't mean that the problem with cross server not even existing should be ignored either.
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Server 230 UK here, today I mostly played cross server, around 80% of my matches where not from my server. Same with a lot of people here from what I've seen in global chat.

The matchmaking was still odd, every time I managed to win once, I got players 5 to 8 levels above me usually with 8 to 11k power over me (often instantly matched too...). My first match and the matches after a loss were always the ones where I faced people close to my level and power, the rest I got stomped by very high power players, but I guess that's another issue... This post was last edited by mgl*** at 2017-1-21 04:16 This post was last edited by mgl*** at 2017-1-21 04:17
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The Cross-Server matching is not a bugged. It's working as intended.
We're dealing with a different bug that might be impacting certain situations. However, it shouldn't be the case with UK servers.
If the problem remains and you still feel that Server 273 is exclusively matching only with itself message me.

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