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[ Ninja Exam ] exam 110, alternative ftp way (water main)


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Hi, as the title says this is *ternative to this:
My power was too low compared to that of the video :Q i tried messing around, this is what i came up with (sorry it's still rng-based, but it only took me a couple of tries and i'm kind of far from being a good player ;P)... But, you need Fukurokumaro as summon.

Shortly, 1st round: you need Kimi to start combo on Jiraya, if not restart. In the best scenario Sasori summons a single puppet so you can lower Jiraya's health with your standard attacks.
2nd round: finish off Jiraya with your main mistery. Interrupt Jigokudo with Lee.
3rd round: Kakashi mistery to kill the water main
4th round: Kimi on Jigo
5th round: Kaka on Jigo
6th round: interrupt Sasori with Kimi's mistery (chaos on chase!) and Jigo with Lee
From here focus on Sasori...In my case, i killed him when he had puppets so he revived...uhmm, i messed with a mistery in the earlier rounds... luckily, he only had 2 puppets (as those summoned by his mistery disappeared xD) so i could finish him off. From there kill Jigo and you're done! ^.^

Ps: sorry for the english, aaaand...yeah, i know... not much for a strategy, but you can try your luck and see if it works for you ;P

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  • i used healing for standard attack. I still got thru nicely.
    but what is hard to pull off that round 1 kimimaro must do a full attack and combo on jiraiya
Hi! and yeah, quick heal can help up your survival chances :lol... If i remember correctly, my main issue was killing sasori within 10 rounds (my power was too low) so i went all out with the hardest hitting skills ;P
As for the combo starter, now it's easier i think, you can pile combo runes on kimi :D
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