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[ Events ] Matsuri. is this a joke?


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well i was doing matsuri today and got upto 4/5 and than as expected i ran into someone of higher power because i was on a streak. now i usually always get 5/5 but than this stuff happened, here is my bp and information before we get into this:

so anyway the first match of my potential 5th win was against someone of this bp

i was pretty annoyed expecting to vs someone higher but not this higher, it's pretty much imposible for me to win.
than for the second match i expected to vs someone my power because when you lose the you're suppose to get easier people or something along the lines but this is what i than got.

and than for the last one i didn't screenshot but they were 34k power, yea just wanted to rant about this and let them know that imo they needa fix this, each match was also found withing 40 seconds so not past the 1min mark. i wasn't sure wether to post this in customer service or general but i felt it was more or less a question to the community.
if anyone else had encountered things like this feel free to post and tell me about it! :)

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Hello! There was another thread about it in the general forum. I'll have to ask the team about it and will update you all soon. Meanwhile, I will close this thread as it will be easier for me to manage.
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