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[ Lineup ] help me with azure fang line up to defefeat tobi in chapter 7 instance.....


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i need help with chaptere seven..appearance of tobi intsance...i have azure fang, crimson fist and scarlet blaze.
i dont have any advanced ninjas.......

all i have is original team 7...all of them are in 2 and 3 star (sasuke 2 star), team 10 all of them are shippuden, team neji all of them shippuden, lee 8 gates, gnw choji, temari 2 star and kankuro, gnw kankuro, kakashi, guy, kurenai, asuma, shizune, team hinata all of them shippuden, kimimaro, kidomaru, tayuya, jirobo, sai, haku, zabuza, suigetsu, karen, anko, gnw shino? remember i need to be able to heal. any good line ups here? im lvl 69 too, im an f2p player
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please provide me fragment Pain !!
My username below:
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