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[ Bugs ] Hotspring Missing


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Server ID: S241: Water PrisonCharacter's Name: JnMcUID: 200000093140812Bug Location: Home How did it happen? there is no Hotspring that should be included according to the new version.Bug Description: Hotspring MissingPrint screen(s):
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It isnt implemented yet x3
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  • Njlr On 2017-01-07 14:20:18
  • It isnt implemented yet x3
i just asked to myself, why advertise the feature and change the home system, just to have implemented the same old 2 features we already had but now having to walk to them.

making me think that the 2.0 update wasnt yet ready for release and it was a publicity stunt to keed players around for some more time, due to the huge discontent showed with decembers events.

in my view of things, i would have preferred to wait a few more weeks to have the full update, instead of a partial one.
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They tried to put it in but when they told tobi what they were doing to him he went and stole the tools.
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"Hot Springs" aren't implemented yet.

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