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[ Strategy Share ] Strong Approach [Hanzo] - Azure Fang [Normal]


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Notice: There are no pictures, sorry..

1. Formation

Main - Center top
Sasuke - Middle middle
Sai - Back top
Sakura - Back middle

2. Skills

Mystery: Water Style - Shark Bomb
Attack: Water Style - Flowing Whip
1 Passive: Chakra Dissesction Blade
2 Passive: Enchancement of water style ninja/Healing Tips, I prefer healing tips.
3 Passive: Water Clone
Summon: Kyushoku Deer

3. Strategy

One of those giants need to be silenced/sealed by the whip, if that doesn't happen retreat.
Also, if you need the extra heal, then take regenrative healing jutsu instead of shark bomb for your mystery.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
In the first wave, summon Sai's lions. The giants should die from standard attack and Sasukes mystery.
In the second waves, it's kind of complicated: If your main starts a combo, retreat. If she doesn't, it's good. Sai must trigger the combo with the lions and leave Shizune with some HP. Press your mains mystery at the beginning of the second round at Shizune, then press Sasukes mystery as preparation for the next battle.
In the third wave, It's again simple. All skills go on Karin, as soon as they are ready, with one exception: the mystery of the main and Sasuke use them at Karin. It may be possible for Hanzo to use his mystery two times, but if you occaisonally heal yourself, then you should actually make it.

It's my first time writing these,,
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