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Currently i have all refines on my 1st place to lvl6 and lvl4 for the others so i been wondering if i should keep going to lvl my 1st place or lvl my lvl4 refines..(im really bad at making threads :lol)

so.. what you guys think?
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I personally say keep leveling the refines for your ninja in 1st spot so you'll be able to attack first; be able to heavily damage/cripple the other team first in round 2. Also there's no point in leveling refines for other ninjas once they reach refine lv 4 (at least until you get all lv 7 refines on your ninja in first spot) if they'll be crippled/dead by the other team if they get to use their mystery first in round 2. This post was last edited by SapphireFalcon at 2016-12-30 21:57
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