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[ Help ] GNW rules


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Hey guys,

could anyone tell me what are the rules for the final matchups and how do they depend on the qualifying rounds from wednesday?

Also, does the number of GNW packs depend on wins from qualifying rounds or just on the round reached in the final on saturday?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey, i don't know exactly what do you mean by rules.. but the qualifying rounds at Wednesday are exactly that, top 8 teams go to quarter finals at saturday.

And GNW packs depend on your final result so yep pretty much just saturday's round.
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Number of pack depends only on where you place on Saturday.

As for the quarterfinal match ups, lol ..... I took screenshots of all group stuff for over 2 months and tried to figure out, it's NOT by points/power/activity/group level/members/fields won/previous weeks placements, so i am 99% sure it's just random. I did notice that a lot of time we got first match on Sat with one of 2 groups we fought on Wed, but that could be just randomness still since i only had like 10 sample size.
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Thanks for your replies. :)
I wasn't sure about some of these so it helps a lot.

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all deppend with point u/u'r group can collect its for qualifier, make u'r group have good position.

for packs if u can get winning group it will be 3 lagendary packs, 4 hero, and 2 elite. for 2nd winning it will be 2,4,4
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