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[ Updates ] Server Merge Updates – Dec 27th


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Dear Ninjas,

We would like to thank all of the players of Naruto Online for their understanding and patience. In order to give everyone an excellent gaming experience, we have now fully designed the way Server Merging will occur, and we are now ready to deliver you this new service. On the 27th of December, we will be putting our servers under maintenance. We ask all players to please be patient and do not try to login into the game during 4 hours, the expected time for this maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we would like to offer our biggest gratitude for your patience.

1. NY Servers: S47, S51 and S55 Merge;
S107, S111 and S113 Merge; S117 and S118 MergeTime: December 27th, 03:00 AM - 07:00 AM NY Time2. LA Servers: S19, S22, S25 and S29 Merge;
Time: December 27th, 00:00 AM - 04:00 AM LA Time3. UK Servers: S64, S68 and S73 Merge
Time: December 27th, 06:00 AM - 10:00 AM UK Time4. HK Servers: S128, S131, S134 and S137 Merge
Time: December 27th, 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM HK Time
Server Merging will be done in accordance to the number of players online and power level as selection factors.
We have in our interest that every player enjoys the best gaming experience and social environment possible.

If you notice any abnormality during gameplay or have any suggestions, please, contact us via our Naruto Online customer support.
Other servers that also want to take part in server merging, please, wait patiently and wait for an official announcement in our website.

Note: After Server Merging, the logging in method will not change.

We appreciate all the support given to Naruto Online and we wish to enjoy everyone a wonderful gameplay!

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Hope S16 will get it next week! K thanks bye!
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If you would like to make any requests for your server to have a merge, please make a post with the following information:

1. Server ID
2. GNW participation and group activity
3. Sage World Battlefields status
4. Average power
5. Matsuri participation
6. Ability to kill Kurama in the World Boss event
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well thanks for moderators to work all night ;( merry christmas
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1. Server 7
2. 2 main groups, 2 that barely qualify .
3. Alternates to fill up sage world, but still only one field for all power.
4. Average Power 56k ; 39k power if you let me go by the second highest player.
5. Low Matsuri Population, only people from top two groups join Matsuri
6. Er, we kill ninetails merely because of power and high-powered setups.

The main reason my server wants a merge is because there is a lot of hostility and tension between the two top groups. Also, we're losing a lot of players all the time, obviously less than later servers, but we're an older server losing a lot of people. All the active people are in two groups. This post was last edited by Niji at 2016-12-26 03:27
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S165 Lightning Tiger

Only one Group in GNW the other group lost interest

We've had 2 Sage wars in the past 3 months

Average Power is 20 k top rank is just barely 30 k

only a handful of people in Matsuri Challenge half the time some can't finish either getting knocked out after 3 defeats or winning all 5.
We have never beaten the fox once since I started playing not sure about before hand been playing since 2nd week of October.

Edit: Uploaded a couple of shots of the Sage wars we were able to enter. Unfortanately was only able to screen shot 2 of 3 fields.
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Wow thankyou so much yuusuke!!! so happy to hear such a fast response for the merge too bad 2 of the big spenders already quit hope they will come back now =P
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Hi Yuusuke,We are playing only in 40-50 on 119:Han server (Uk). It's becoming real boring, do you think it's time for merging?
thx and regards

1. Server ID : 119:Han (Uk)
2. GNW participation and group activity: 4 groups (2 real, 1 always winning) in GNW and hard to plunder after the first 20 mins of event. Gr.Act, 3groupsx500)
3. Sage World Battlefields status: 40 players for time, 20 real playing, 1 doing the game (he won all SWB in last 3 months)
4. Average power: Lvl 80 - avarege power 29000 (but the top has got 55k of power)
5. Matsuri participation: (i don't know)
6. Ability to kill Kurama in the World Boss event: we are able, but we are 30-40 doing it

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Requesting for merge at Server 152 Illusion Crow

Info on my server current situation is as follows:-
Sage World Battlefield = approximate 40 participant with 15-25% are clone accounts
GNW = 6 group qualify (only 3 real groups, while the others are sub group to increase GNW packs for its less stronger members)
Ninetails = We are able to kill Ninetails with with a balance of 3-8 mins (high levels are running setup that can deal 700k-950k per run)Matsuri = We have matsuri which actual battle lasts in the first 30 mins when it started. After that many are queing to kill their clone accounts to maximize rewards of their main account.
Average Power = Top 3 is 32k-33k, No. 100 is 15.9k.

I know that this server may seems to be healthier compared to many other servers, but we would still like to request for a merge. We have alot of clone accounts and spy accounts hence the true amount of active players should be around 20-30 guys while having about another 20-30 casual players. Half of the active members are looking forward to a merge as we are quickly getting bored of the current content of the game. We seek for fresh challenges, people and server merging activity. Top server spender's reason for staying is because they would like to experience merge before they decide to stay or quit (they are getting impatient with the wait).

Many players express their desire for a merge both in group and world chats. Many are leaving and many active players has become more casual players. I do hope the moderators in-charge could expedite our server merging process. Thank you.
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Yuusuke, merge me with you..
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1. NY 171: Kirin
2. 1 group, 500 activityish
3. doesn't happen
4. top 10 is 25k-30k
5. doesn't happen
6. never happened

We literally have only have like 9 active people. Our server is LITERALLY dead now, we've been asking for merger for over a month, back when we actually had 2 decently active groups and the only thing that didn't happen was Kurama. Thanks for killing our server. This post was last edited by Imorh at 2016-12-26 17:49
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1. S186 (Hokages Office)
2.GNW 2 groups participating
3.approximate 25 participant...sometimes not enough for the event
4.Top power 28k,top 10 24k
5.if you are afk the first 20 min you wont do it at all
6.never killed try we left it with 20 million life(the free medal days)
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GNW: 3 groups all three groups has 600+ activity rate groups after them are at 60 at most
Sage Worlds: one battlefield for all players, 10-15 players in each team at most
Top power: 37k common power: 19k-24k
Fightning Matsuri lasts for about 45 min then everyone is finished, if you haven't searched by then it's near impossible to find anyone, i.e 30 min queues sometimes when you're lucky
We're able to kill kurama due to a few high powered players, but if one or two are offline it takes 30 min to kill it.
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1. Server: 175
2. GNW: We have 2.5 groups with activity 300-700
3. Sage World: 3 teams with 6-12 players
4. Average power: 25K
5. Top Power: 30-33K 2 players
6. Matsuri participation: No problem a lot ppl join it easy to finish
7. Ability to kill Kurama in the World Boss event: We kill him sometimes depend on top 10 players. This post was last edited by MalF at 2016-12-28 03:51
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1. Server: 180
2. GNW: 3 Groups (the last group has maybe 3-5 people turn up for the fight)
3. Sage World: average around 6-8 players per group. The last one didn't happen.
4. Average Power: 20,000-23,000
5. Top Power: 35,000
6. Matsuri Participation: nearly dead after 30 minutes.
7. Ability to Kill World Boss Event: Happens if everyone is on in about 38 minutes. Maybe once or twice a week.

Thank You For Your Time.
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Please merge more EU servers a week if possible. 12 US servers every week and only 3 EU. This post was last edited by Belerephon at 2016-12-26 22:12
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1. Server ID: 251
2. GNW participation and group activity: Most of the time just 2 groups, and our group always winning.
3. Sage World Battlefields status: Around 30 people
4. Average power: #1 Has 24k power (Level 67)
5. Matsuri participation: Dont know, sorry.
6. Ability to kill Kurama in the World Boss event: Nope.
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Merry Christmas Yuusuke!!! We could seriously use a merge as a christmas gift! XD

1. SERVER: s186 Hokages Offices

2. GNW: 2 groups participating. 3 groups active for convoys and plunders. It takes about 20 mins to find someone to plunder. Not to mention how much it takes for Arenas to match someone...

3.SAGE WAR: average around 6-8 players per group. The last one didn't happen due to poor attendance.

4.AVERAGE POWER : top player 28k, top ten average 24k, top 100 average 15k

5.MATSURI: after the first ten minutes people are starting to seek opponnents in world chat. And they just dont find anyone...

6.KURAMA: never killed it. Most damage ever done to 9tails was during the 3 day trial medal that we dropped him down to 20 mil. Most of the times he is left with 40-50 mil life in the end.

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I'm sorry but the merges are bad. I'm from S25 and the only server from the ones posted that just doesn't ROLFSTOMP us is s19. S22 and S29 should be merged separately. Why are we even getting merged with 3 servers? Our server is not even doing that bad. Merge S22 and S29 seperately. Specially S22. S22 has literally the strongest in the server in one group while everyone else has them spread out and it's not fair. The only fair and balanced way to merge us would be with S19 and ONLY S19. We don't want the whales in S29 nor the unfair group monopoly they have in S22.
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2 dead servers merge? What are you thinking about? A * game is being "patient".
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