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Don't see the thread for all Anko questions anymore sooo.. had this one 2 days in row.

Which ninja causes ignite with prompt mystery?


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"Deidara does ignite from passive not mystery" yes, but right answer is still Deidara. It might be just a error in question.
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There is a bug indeed, Deidara does extra damage to ignited enemies with a Prompt Mystery. It's a bad wording from the test

edit: dont know why but this forum always gives me troubles posting pics in the responses so here is the link This post was last edited by Glyrin at 2016-12-24 15:03 This post was last edited by Glyrin at 2016-12-24 15:03
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I agree that it's a bit confusing, but as stated before the correct answer is Deidara.

It's mostly due to the fact that activating a prompt mystery, forces the character to activate any passive inducing effect.
An example would be Sailor Sakura, she has two debuff removes as a passive, before her mystery she removes a layer and the second one before her standard.

Deidara induces Ignite before his mystery.

Hope that helps.
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