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[ Events ] Shape Up Oasis. You're Killing Yourself.


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This is my second time posting this. I hope it stays up.

Several moderators have said that the reasons threads are getting deleted is because they mention other servers, so I won't even do that. I'll just give some callous, constructive criticism. I'll even try to keep it neutral, as Narbsy noted before he deleted my thread.

I also switched all the expletives to child-friendly terms..

So 1st:
What the fudge is this *? I'm sure you've seen everyone commenting. Heck, even Killua took a stand and said he ain't spending.
The thing is, it's Christmas. This time is basically when you'll see the biggest influx in players. They just got their Christmas money and they're looking for a new game to buy or spend on. If I jumped onto Naruto Online and saw these events, I'd leave and never come back, objectively speaking.

Even if you're a heartless, grinch-like company that only seeks to drain money from players (which I'm sure you aren't! It's just an example... Go Oasis!), having generous events during the holiday keeps players from leaving. We can't anymore. If events are this good during Christmas, we have to at least stay until the next Christmas!
Unfortunately, even that small hope has been dashed.

Give f2p players a choice. 80 plot instances for 1 gingerbread? That's nigh impossible, and everybody knows it. Honestly, I'd rather we didn't even have a choice, rather than an impossible option like that. Nobody, f2p or p2p, is going to do 80 plot instances for a gingerbread. And when you're insulting us with that kind of choice, a decreased number of people will spend to get gingerbread.

Speaking of, gingerbread prices are inflated and definitely not worth it. For any player, don't even bother. You can't buy anything good with them, anyway.

Try not to delete threads and doodoo for no reason. You ask for constructive criticism, but delete threads that give them. People give examples of other servers, because they're doing what we should be doing.
Deleting these types of threads shows you're not listening and don't care to listen. That turns away players, and chances are, if you're active on the forum, you're an even more active player. Being Big Brother only turns away the most active (and probably the highest spending) part of your playerbase.

So fix it:
Give events that are generous during the holiday season. That mission box event is fine. More dung like that.
Give events that are fair during the regular times. Fix golfish prices. Stop raising prices, like Iruka, as the latest example.

I don't expect for you to give out characters like it's nothing, and anybody that expects you to is not very intelligent. I do, however, expect for you to treat players with a modi* of respect and make events that don't seem like you're scamming.

Let's try and keep this one up for a good 10 minutes, yeah? Maybe like 3 people will see it this time

This is the best anybody can manage. I haven't implicated you nor Oasis in any way, nor have I insulted any of you. I just stated facts. Being callous is not the same as being biased. This is as neutral as it gets while still conveying criticism.
I can understand my previous thread being deleted, since thing I've said can be misconstrued as slander, but if you delete the thread as it is now, I'll be forced to admit that you really don't take criticism and just delete threads that don't agree with you. Please don't prove me right.

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they'll do ? xd
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Oh don't you worry, this one will get deleted too. ^^
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btw... oasis u are killing this game...
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Thank you for the feedback and your opinions. I will forward it to the game developers.
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The instances in 7 days welfare - mission event is just a task for the first day.
The specific missions will be changed everyday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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